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Emfim is an album that takes us on a journey through Bossanova, Reggae, Samba Reggae fused with jazz, all based in the African music - source and cradle of music as such and in particular for Gil Felix´ musical creativity.


"Gil's soft and intimate voice stands out with grooves ranging from funk to samba. ."


Gil Felix has developed a vast and eclectic repertoire with original compositions and great hits. Influenced by artists like Gilberto Gil, Bob Marley, Luis Gonzaga and Salif Keita. He has released several albums, singles and collaborations. 

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"Gil Felix is ​​an artist who stands out for his compositions. His melodies are beautiful with Bahian rhythm

and more interesting than many well-known works from Brazil.

Music by Gil Felix is like listening to Gilberto Gil or Djavan.

It is music that unites hearts."

Amintas Angel Cardoso Santos Silva,

cultural attaché at the Brazilian Embassy in Stockholm, composer and writer from Bahía.


Gil Felix from Salvador de Bahía, mandingo and brasilero, embodies the Afro-Brazilian experience, with family roots in both West Africa and South America. Gil Felix has created a unique pan-ethnic sound inspired by Gilberto Gil, Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, Oloudum, Salif Keita. In Gil Felix´ music the regional Bahían Reconcavo culture meets Caribbean and African musicality: Bossa Nova, Samba Reggae, Rocksteady, Soukous and Afropop in a unique musical universe. The result is an irresistible poly-rythmic swing, where storytelling about mankinds´ history and our African roots, is combined with poetic paintings of everyday life. 

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Gil Felix, Salvador de Bahía. Composer and singer of Brazilian MPB


Gil Felix Band: Faco se voce pedir
Gil Felix Band: Vida
Gil Felix Band: Do Jeito que a vida quer
Gil Felix Trio: Maracangalha
Gil Felix Guitar and Voice: Deixa acontecer



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