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"Gil Felix’s contributions extend beyond entertainment, serving as a medium for cultural education and connecting audiences to the rich history of Bahia and the African diaspora." Rhythm Passport

“A great and tight band. Inventive guitar, rocksteady bass, crispy drummer with polyrhythms”
Martin Ehrling, free lance writer, Lira

Lyrics interpreted into English

Kanga Musa

Mandinga de mandingueiro, 

King Kanga Musa

In the 12th and 15th century

It all happened then

They traded salt and gold

And made Europe rich

The African gold and labour

Financed the expeditions

That conquered America

The American products

Gold, potatoes, corn

Fed the whole world

Don´t forget about the indigenous people

This is just a little piece

From this absurd history

Don´t discriminate the immigrants

The children of human history


I'm living my life

I know I'm not immortal

I hope I can make you sensibel, 

for you to understand 

Rare things, not exact, not measurable

The man, the earth, the nude body

There is no sense in the human race

in some human beings

In some  there is no sense

Make love not war

Sometimes I love, sometimes I don’t

Sometimes I love, sometimes I don’t

The black mans´ instruments

is not just Ubalafon

Make love not war


During the sugar cane period

The city of Cachoeira was the official door

Portuguese Slavery, Mandinga

Capoeira for Liberation 

Sudanese is the black from the city, 

Bantu from the sugarcane fields

When I sing, I dance and express myself

So help me God

Ou Caule Grajaú Zuputulu

Caule Cachoeira City

There was one princess

who signed our abolition

Was she very good

or did she just like black men?

Henrique was chasing the slaves

Zumbi defended them. 

Zumbi is the national hero.

Henrique was forgotten

Mandinga is a black thing, 

Mandinga is knowing how to play

Who don’t know how to play,

slip in the capoeira



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